Customers' Testimonials

  • Sharma Patel, Trivandrum
    I had been to this tourist home a number of times. I had chance to use different rooms and feel I am fairly well placed to review it. The biggest attraction that makes me coming back to this place is the price. I am yet to find another Hotel here which will put you in an homley attractive feeling.
  • Aby Paul
    "This is a truly outstanding hotel & conference venue - a wonderful atmosphere and caring, committed staff and services. I truly recommend this conference venue n hotel.
  • Ouseph Mathew
    I stayed at this place for around two weeks from 3rd april to 11th april 2013. The staff was very helpful and helped me with my planning for going around ernakulam. Later they also helped call cabs and find me a guide. Its hard to find Inns who help with all these things
  • Manojkumar TS, Mumbai
    Me and my family is truly satisfied with this residency that they provided us on way to sabirimala .The rooms here are clean and tidy with pleasent atmosphere .we will be back..!